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Contact NMFWRI

New Mexico Forest and
Watershed Restoration
Institute (NMFWRI)

New Mexico Highlands University
Box 9000
Las Vegas, NM 87701

Telephone: (505) 426-2080
Fax: (505) 426-2192

The Main Partners of NMFWRI

Southwest Ecological Restoration Institutes (SWERI)

Arizona Ecological Restoration Institute
Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

New Mexico Partners

New Mexico Office of Forest and Watershed Health
USDA Forest Service/Southwest Ecological Restoration Institute Information Page

New Mexico State Forestry Division

USDI Bureau of Land Management

New Mexico Highlands University:

Department of Natural Resources Management
Department of Forestry

New Mexico Forest and Watershed Health Plan

NMFWRI has a role in this activity and is actively involved with implementation of the plan. NMFWRI’s FY06 work plan was largely drawn from recommendations in the FWHP: Click here

New Mexico Final Plan for Non-native Phreatophyte/Watershed Management from the NM Department of Agriculture
NMFWRI held a town hall that included discussions about implementing this plan. This deals with watershed level planning for watershed restoration by removal of non-native phreatophytes (primarily salt cedar and Russian olive).

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