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Restoration Workshops

2012 Southwest Fire Ecology Conference:  Fire Landscapes, Wildlife, and People. 
2011 was a record-breaking fire year for the Southwest that underscored the importance of collaboration for defining research needs and building resiliency in fire-adapted ecosystems. This conference will engage researchers, decision makers, and practitioners across disciplines. We will address fire's role in restoration of watersheds and wildlife habitats, and in sustaining ecosystem services for future generations, with a focus on the fire-adapted ecosystems of the North American Greater Southwest.

Kent Reid Presentation for the SW Fire Ecology Conference: 
Pre- and post-burn vegetation and fuels on Las Conchas.This case study demonstrates that the down coarse woody debris and ladder fuels meant that the old, large-diameter ponderosa pine on the site had no chance of surviving a fire of the intensity of Las Conchas. Pre- and post-fire photographs of the plots illustrate the fire effects.

2010 New Mexico Watershed Forum 
People converged on Albuquerque Sept. 28-30 from the desert southwest to the southern Rockies for the second biennial New Mexico Watershed Forum. This statewide Forum aims to gather watershed professionals and group leaders, Tribe and Pueblo leaders, volunteers, contractors, soil and watershed conservation districts, students and faculty, and local, state, and federal agencies interested in improving the health of watersheds.
 Kent Reid Presentation from the NM Watershed Forum

Monitoring the Forested Ecosystems of the Southwest (PDF)
Agenda from the workshop 'Developing a Framework for Monitoring the Forested Ecosystems of the Southwest'  October 15-17, 2008, Northern Arizona University.
Link to the presentations given at the workshop.

2008 New Mexico Watershed Forum 
From mountain top to river bottom: restoring New Mexico's watersheds.  September 30-October 2, 2008. Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This statewide forum gathered agencies, organizations, professionals, educators and citizens with an interest in watershed management, restoration and protection.

 NM Watershed Forum Proceedings

Ken Smith's presentation from the NM Watershed Forum

New Mexico Forestry and Climate Change Workshop
The goal of the workshop is to provide foresters and other natural resource professionals with information about climate change's projected impacts on New Mexico's forests to incorporate into their management decision making. November 20, 2008, Albuquerque Grand Hotel Albuquerque, New Mexco.

 Climate change and mixed conifer/aspen systems in New Mexico – White Paper

Climate change and mixed conifer/aspen systems in New Mexico – Presentation

 2008 Mixed Conifer/Aspen Workshop (PDF)
Summarized talks from the mixed conifer/aspen ecology and management workshop February 20th, 2008 in Santa Fe, NM. 

 2007 Forest and Watershed Monitoring Workshop (PDF)
Summary of the New Mexico monitoring meeting August 20-21, 2007 at the Sevilleta Field Station

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