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Contact NMFWRI

New Mexico Forest and
Watershed Restoration
Institute (NMFWRI)

New Mexico Highlands University
Box 9000
Las Vegas, NM 87701

Telephone: (505) 426-2080
Fax: (505) 426-2192

GIS / Mapping

NMFWRI represents the state’s only dedicated capability for supporting the spatial data analysis needs of external stakeholders in the natural resources sector, as well as the GIS/GPS capacity for Highlands University and for most of northern New Mexico. NMFWRI’s GIS work also provides help with maps and other geographic information to New Mexico groups engaged in forest restoration and land management, but who are too small to maintain their own GIS capability. These groups include soil and water conservation districts, municipalities, private groups and individuals, and tribal organizations.

NM Vegetation Treatment Mapping

NMFWRI is developing a statewide GIS database of of completed and planned watershed treatments, identifying state and federal forest and woodland projects for New Mexico. State Forestry began a small-scale version of this with a list of treatments planned by the state and the Forest Service. As a result of a discussion at a quarterly meeting of the Watershed Health Office Consultative Group, NMFWRI took over this effort in mid-2014, paying for it with state funds. To do this involves the ongoing task of receiving data and working collaboratively with NM State Forestry, USDA-Forest Service, BLM, the State Land Office, NRCS, tribal agencies, private individuals, and others to build a comprehensive GIS spatial database. Pulling together such information from different agencies is aided by NMFWRI’s GIS capabilities and by its unique position as an active but neutral participant in statewide projects.

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GIS Projects at NMFWRI

NMFWRI has been involved with GIS projects focused on forestry and land management applications. These projects range from land cover mapping and forest stand identification using eCognition software to incorporating LiDAR for canopy estimation.

GIS Projects at NMFWRI - Read More…

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