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Contact NMFWRI

New Mexico Forest and
Watershed Restoration
Institute (NMFWRI)

New Mexico Highlands University
Box 9000
Las Vegas, NM 87701

Telephone: (505) 426-2080
Fax: (505) 426-2192

Current and Ongoing Projects

NMFWRI Statewide Project and Partners Map
Map of NMFWRI projects from 2007-present showing project locations and cooperating agencies.

Socio-Economic Indicators for Forest Restoration Projects: A Delphi Study.
A Delphi process was used to develop a model for assessing the socio-economic dimensions of projects funded by the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP). A. Egan and V. Estrada-Bustillo 2011.

Land Cover Mapping Using Object Oriented Image Analysis in the BLM Carrizo Largo Landscape Area,
Patti Dappen. January 2015

Effectiveness of Fuel Treatments in the Lincoln County WUI during the 2012 Little Bear Fire,
Andrew Egan. Summer 2013

Land Cover Mapping in the BLM Rosa Landscape Area using eCognition Software and 30cm Imagery,
Patti Dappen. Fall 2013

Introduction to Logging, Sawmill, and Wood Splitter Safety,
Andrew Egan. Spring 2013

Building Economic Opportunity through Forest Restoration: The Alamo Navajo Initiative. 
A. Egan, L. Middleton, G. Campbell, and B. Ferranti. Spring 2013  
See also publication in Forestry Source, the SAF Newsletter

Working with Tribal Entities to Build Economic Opportunity in Forest Restoration.
A Partnership between the Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc. and the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute.
See also article in the Arizona Daily Sun.

Automated Stand Delineation for FORVIS: A Case Study in the El Malpais Region of New Mexico.
Working with BLM, stand boundaries were generated using Definiens Developer (eCognition) software. The dataset was developed for forest planning and project analysis and for use with the Forest Vegetation Information System (FORVIS).

New Mexico Forest Industry Association Survey – 2010-2011
A survey was developed by the New Mexico Forest Industry association (NMFIA) and mail and phone surveys were conducted by the NMFIA and NMFWRI, respectively, to document aspects of the forestry sector in New Mexico and challenges to developing the state’s wood products industry. 

Gallinas Watershed Map (5MB)
Map displaying watershed conservation projects, fuel treatments, and fire history in the Gallinas Watershed in Western San Miguel County.

Wood Infrastructure Map for New Mexico
Map of NM identifying wood users and wood manufactures.  This is a work in process and was last updated in May of  2009.

NMFWRI Field Monitoring Example
Summary report of field monitoring on Kuykendall CFRP unit 4 located in the Carson National Forest.

Estancia Basin Mapping Project
Map indiciating thinning projects within the Estancia Basin of New Mexico and recent fire activity.

Questa WUI Map
Wildland Urban Interface Map of the village of Questa, NM developed for their 2007 Community Wildfire Protection Plan.


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