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CFRP Long Term Monitoring

The Community Forest Restoration Act (Title VI, Public Law 106-393), which established the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP), calls for monitoring of “the short- and long term ecological effects of the restoration treatments” for at least 15 years.  In 2008, 20 CFRP projects were identified for long term monitoring.  The criteria and methodology used to identify those projects are described in Derr, et. al., Monitoring The Long Term Ecological Impacts Of New Mexico’s Collaborative Forest Restoration Program, New Mexico Forest Restoration Series Working Paper 5. Click HERE for a list and summary descriptions of the selected projects.

Timeline of long-term CFRP projects, Kent Reid  NMFWRI

5 year Post Treatment Monitoring Reports

While the NMFWRI through its federal work plan is responsible for the re-measurement of CFRP long-term monitoring projects, the Institute generally does not collect the baseline (year 0) data for these projects and does not certify the quality of those data.  It should be noted that, for some attributes, the standard deviation exceeds the mean (i.e., the coefficient of variation is greater than 100 percent), and sampling errors for some estimates exceed 100 percent.  As a result, long-term monitoring data should be used and results interpreted with appropriate caution.


In addition, while the NMFWRI is responsible for long-term monitoring and plot re-measurement at years 5, 10, and 15, it generally does not have responsibility for or authority over data collected during the actual CFRP project (year 0 plot establishment and measurement) and, therefore, cannot vouch for the quality of the original, baseline reference data or the adequacy of sampling intensity and plot location for each long-term CFRP project.


La Jicarita CFRP #03-01 ,  Santa Fe National Forest


Santa Fe FD WUI  CFRP # 27-04 ,  Santa Fe National Forest


Turkey Springs Ruidoso  CFRP # 36-04 , Lincoln National Forest

San Juan Bosque (Ohkay Owinghe) CFRP # 06-02 , Santa Fe National Forest

Ensenada CFRP #28 -05 , Carson National Forest


SBSII Cedar Creek CFRP #39 -05 , Lincoln National Forest


Monument Canyon CFRP #11 -01 , Santa Fe National Forest

 Ocate A CFRP #29 -07 , Santa Fe National Forest

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