Staff Directory


Kristine Bellmore

Budget and Finance Manager

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Staci Matlock

Public Information Specialist

Marla Martinez, admin assistant

Marla Martinez

Administrative Associate


Patti Dappen

GIS Program Manager & Administrator


Katie Withnall

GIS Specialist & Data Manager


Dana Heusinkveld

GIS Research Specialist

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Elizabeth Becker

GIS Technician

Shantini Ramakrishnan

Shantini Ramakrishnan

Conservation & Restoration Ed. Prog. Mgr. / Conservation Science Center @ HU

Faith Purvey, Assistant Program Manager/Conservation Science Center

Faith Purvey

Assistant Program Manager/Conservation Science Center


Raymundo Melendez

Education and Outreach Program Assistant

Michael Roberts, Ph.D.

Michael Roberts

Research Associate

Crystal A. Medina, Collaboration Program Manager 2023

Crystal A. Medina

Collaboration Program Manager

Alejandro Collins, Collaboration Technician with the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute.

Alejandro Collins

Collaboration Technician

Eleanor Ludwig, 2023-24 VISTA volunteer with the Collaboration Program at the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute.

Eleanor Ludwig

Collaboration Specialist

Nathan Tomzcyk

Nathan Tomczyk

Research Associate


Kathryn Mahan

Monitoring Program Manager


Carmen Melendez

Crew Logistics Support / Assistant Manager

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Corey Beinhart

Data Manager


Courtnay Lewis

Ecological Monitoring Crew Lead

NMFWRI Ecological Monitoring Technician Emily Yannayon

Emily Yannayon

Ecological Monitoring Specialist

Clay Goetsch

Patrick Clay Goetsch

Assistant Crew Lead

Zoe Ahrens

Zoe Ahrens

Monitoring Technician Assistant

Alex Withnall, monitoring technician with the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute.

Alex Withnall

Monitoring Technician Assistant/Intern

Taryn Schlosser

Taryn Schlosser

Monitoring Technician Assistant/Intern

Branch pic edited

Michael Branch

Monitoring Technician Assistant/Intern

Marissa Meyers, NMFWRI Monitoring Technician Intern. Courtesy photo.

Marissa Meyers

Monitoring Technician Intern