The New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute provides technical assistance and practical knowledge in forest and woodland restoration to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire and restore healthy and sustainable forested ecosystems and restoration-based economies.

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NMFWRI represents the state’s only dedicated capability for supporting the spatial data analysis needs of external stakeholders in the natural resources sector, as well as the GIS/GPS capacity for Highlands University and for most of northern New Mexico.

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Restoration based monitoring of New Mexico's forest and riparian ecosystems is integral to NMFWRI's mission.

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The New Mexico Forest & Watershed Restoration Institute supports natural-resource-based collaboration by assisting communities to form collaborative organizations and build the capacity to work together to solve problems and restore natural habitats.

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New Mexico Sunflowers

Want to learn about New Mexico Plants?

Plants are an integral part of the world around us. We’ve gathered a collection of resources for identification and care of the plants, trees, and grasses of New Mexico.

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Watch us hand-launch our Sensefly eBeeX

Aerial surveys completed with UAV technology is making environmental monitoring more efficient and affordable.

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October SWERI meeting in Flagstaff

Our Institute, along with our two sister Institute's, make up the Southwest Ecological Restoration Institute's (SWERI). We recently held our annual

Mapping for Collaboration Webinar Series

January – March 2021Maps are a proven way to bring partners around the table and identify areas and issues of common concern. Everything happens