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Collaborative Forest Restoration Program

For CFRP Technical monitoring assistance email:

US Forest Service CFRP
Official home site of the CFRP program.

CFRP Project Maps:

2001-2010 CFRP projects interactive map link 
Interactive map with information on CFRP projects funded as of 2010


CFRP Resources:

CFRP Monitoring Short Guide
Short guide for grant recipients (January 2010).

CFRP Monitoring Curriculum
Background and activities for ecological monitoring (USFS 2005).

Guidelines and Protocols for Monitoring Riparian Forest Restoration Projects
Outlines measurement of core ecological indicators in riparian ecosystems.  (Bonfantine, Zebrwoski, Egan November 2011)   Field Handbook version (8.6x5.6 inches)

Lessons Learned from Multiparty Monitoring
Multiparty monitoring for collaborative, community-based forest projects explained (August 2007).

CFRP pre-proposal contacts and information
2008 CFRP pre-project proposal summary forms and contact information.

CFRP Socioeconomic Monitoring Example
Socioeconomic monitoring on Rowe Mesa: A Collaborative Forest Restoration Program Grant (Forest Guild, December 2008).

CFRP Monitoring Data Analysis Tutorial
Tutorial for entering and evaluating CFRP monitoring data in Excel (December 2009).

Multiparty Monitoring Data Analysis Worksheets (Excel)
This file is for data entry and analysis of CFRP monitoring data

CFRP Wildlife Monitoring - Data Analysis Tutorial 
Tutorial for entering and evaluating wildlife monitoring data in Excel (January, 2010).

Working Paper 3: Wildlife Protocols
Wildlife Monitoring for the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program.  Protocols for monitoring birds, butterflies, red squirrels, deer, and elk (December 2009).

Restoring a New Mexico Pine Forest: A National Audubon Society Conservation Tool Kit Case Study
Forest restoration case study in the Monzano Mountains  (March, 2010).

Plant Guides:

Bosque plant guide 1 
Trees, shrubs, and cacti found in bosque areas of New Mexcio.

Bosque plant guide 2
Grasses and wildflowers found in bosque areas of New Mexcio.

Ponderosa plant guide 1
Trees, shrubs, and Cacti found within ponderosa pine forests of New Mexico.

Ponderosa plant guide 2
Wildflowers found within ponderosa pine forests of New Mexico.

PJ plant guide 1
Trees, shrubs, and cacti found in piñon-juniper woodlands of New Mexcio.

PJ plant guide 2
Grasses and wildflowers found in piñon-juniper woodlands of New Mexcio.



Manufacturing Flooring From Small Diameter Timber
Old Wood LLC, David Old CFRP

Roger Tucker CFRP MRM - Socio Economic |   Roger Tucker CFRP - Fact Sheet
Roger Tucker CFRP multi-party monitoring team meeting and Fact sheet for 2011 CFRP Utilization Grant for Improved Utilization of Small Diameter Trees in Central New Mexico.


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