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Restoration Resources

The New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute provides technical assistance and practical knowledge in forest and woodland restoration to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire and restore healthy and sustainable forested ecosystems and restoration-based economies.


Forest Monitoring Guides: 

Guidelines and Protocols for Monitoring Riparian Forest Restoration Projects:  Field HandbookNMFWRI developed field handbook for monitoring in riparian areas. Used in conjunction with the field guide are blank data collection forms

NMFWRI Forest Monitoring Protocols: Descriptions of our field methods and procedures for forest monitoring work.  Blank field data collection forms:
CSE Plot Description Form
CSE Tree Form
CSE Surface Fuels Form

Piñon- Juniper Monitoring Guide NMFWRI: Descriptions of our field methods and procedures specific to Piñon- Juniper areas. 

Other Resources:

After Wildfire: A Guide for New Mexico Communities includes information to help individuals and families as well as communities impacted by wildfire start on the path to recovery. It has sections on immediate safety, how to mobilize your community, who can help, fundraising and financial tips, post-fire treatments for the land, and additional resources.

Socio-Economic Indicators for Forest Restoration Projects: A Delphi Study.
A Delphi process was used to develop a model for assessing the socio-economic dimensions of projects funded by the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP). A. Egan and V. Estrada-Bustillo 2011.

 Resources for Private Forest Landowners in New Mexico

Guide for technical assistance and grant opportunities for forest landowners in New Mexico Resources for Private Forest Landowners in New Mexico 

 Summary of Science Basis for Changing Forest Structure to Modify Fire Behavior (PDF)
Synopsis providing information on the topics of forest structure, wildfire behavior, and their relation to one another.

 What you need to know about New Mexico Forest Workers’ Compensation Insurance (PDF)
2007 Overview of the NM workers' compensation insurance and forestry related activities.

 Grade Requirements for rough-sawn Lumber (PDF)|
Overview of grading requirements for rough-sawn lumber and timber, including vigas, used for any load bearing application.

Manufacturing Wood Pellets (PDF) 
Provides observations and recommendations on  making wood pellets for heating or energy use.

 New Mexico Forest Service Contracts and Guest Workers (PDF)
In-state competitiveness and the use of guest workers (Fall 2006).

 Best value contracting in New Mexico (PDF)
Case study from the Southwest region (Winter 2007)


All About Watersheds: Funding Sources | Virtual Library

Piñon-Juniper management:

Ponderosa pine dominated forests

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