Exploring the Mora Watershed -GIS Exercises

Web-based GIS modules for virtually exploring and interpreting the Mora watershed using ESRI GIS technology.

What is a watershed? I am sure you have heard of a watershed but what really are they? Watershed boundaries define the extent of surface water drainage. Watershed boundaries follow the highest ridgeline around the stream channels and meet at the lowest point of elevation where water flows out of the watershed.
For these exercises we will be exploring the Mora River Watershed Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 08 or an eight digit HUC. The USGS has categorized watersheds in the United States by unique Hydrologic Unit Codes based on six levels of classification ranging from 2 to 12 digit. The larger the number the smaller the watershed acreage. For this exercise we will be working in the region of the 8 digit watershed of the Mora River.

GIS Exercises:

Exercise 1: Exploring the Mora Watershed Using ArcGIS Online

Exercise 2: Exploring the Mora Watershed Using ArcGIS Storymaps *Excel file to download to use with Storymap Exercise

Exercise 3a: Field Data Collection with the ArcGIS Online GeoForm App

Exercise 3b: Field Data Collection with Collector for ArcGIS

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